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Actility Energy is the leading provider of Smart Demand Response aggregation services for industrial customers. We offer a wide range of sensor instrumentation, energy intelligence software, smart load shifting and automated demand response services that integrate seamlessly with your systems.

Actility Energy has shown great leadership in conducting our demand response program from the analysis to the implementation phase. Loic Bardou / CHU de Rennes

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Actility Energy - Automated demand response

Building smart energy efficiency programs for your sites

Actility provides a complete turnkey solution including sensor instrumentation, network connectivity and software to build a real-time data management system for your sites.

Based on the collected data our team helps you build smart programs to define savings and new revenue streams.

Leveraging the flexibility of your site with smart Demand Response

Leveraging the flexibility of your site with smart Demand Response

We work with your teams to analyze your industrial processes and identify the flexibility potential of your site.

We then leverage your site flexibility to generate revenues based on smart demand response programs and other market mechanisms.


Generate revenues when running your off-grid fuel-powered generators

Generate revenues when running your off-grid fuel-powered generators

Actility Energy allows your company to drive revenues from your standby generators. By connecting to our Smart Grid Infrastructure we work with your teams to make sure that your generators are benefitting from a smart demand response program and therefore generating revenues.

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response(DR) involves a business voluntarily curtailing or reducing electrical consumption in response to a grid emergency, environmental need, price signal, or a financial incentive paid by the business electricity provider.

When an event occurs, customers are notified by the utility and typically respond by shedding or shifting load. 

What is a Demand Response Aggregator?

For an industrial site to take advantage of demand response programs, their curtailment volume (measured in kWH, kW) has to meet minimum load requirements and this is often not the case. This is why aggregators are important. Industrial sites that could not otherwise participate in DR programs can now reap the benefits of load response programs through an approved aggregator. 

What is Automated Demand Response?

Not all Demand Response providers are Automated DR providers. Customers who sign up to participate in Automated DR will receive automated event signals from Actility. These signals will reach the customer’s sites thanks to Actility’s connectivity solution known as ThingPark. Once a site is connected it can respond to grid events in real-time and initiate pre-programmed DR strategies. Since no human intervention is required by the customer, staff resources are not stretched during an event.

What is Demand Response?
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